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This site is a forum for program evaluators that seek to have their Christian faith guide their monitoring and evaluation work. Recent posts are listed at the bottom of this page. The 100+ posts are organized by the list of categories in the right pane.

Note July 24, 2015. Donna Mertens has developed Transformative Research and Evaluation to promote social justice. There are critical differences between her approach and the approach discussed on this site. Search “Mertens” for references to her work here.

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This is a place to discuss dilemmas that arise between your belief about what God wants you to do and what you have learned about being a professional evaluator. There will be discussions about conflicts between the Christian worldview and the science worldview.

There will be discussions about getting and interpreting trustworthy information about individual and social transformation that occurs in community development (TD) programs.

For a number of years I have been developing a theory of transformative evaluation (TE), which is program evaluation of TD programs. See this post for an overview: http://evalfrank.com/2016/11/transformative-evaluation-overview-6-slide-shows/

I will be seeking critical reviews of various aspects of the emerging theory. I will be happy to advise you in applying TE principles in your situation; send a brief description by email to evaluator.frank@gmail.com to begin a conversation.

All comments that will enhance discussion topics on this site are welcome. There is an expectation that comments will be spoken in Christian love.

Blessings, Frank; January 28, 2014

Reflection on Psalm 127:1-2; 09 JAN 2015

If God does not develop the theory of TE through me, I am writing posts that are insignificant.

If God is not working actively in TD through project facilitators, the facilitators may as well abandon their projects.

Being driven to write evaluation theory is useless, unless I rest in God’s grace.

13 thoughts on “Welcome to EvalFrank.com!

  1. Hi Frank. Congratulations for getting this up and running and for finally publishing your great thoughts about transformative evaluation. Let me just make one quick comment about the blog site, though. It would be helpful to have an easier way to navigate and find your posts. A ‘home’ button at the top in particular would be helpful. And maybe put a categories pull down menu up there too rather than just having it at the bottom. Otherwise, I love the look and of course the contents, just as I love the man behind them. Blessings to you mentor and friend.

    1. Aaron, thanks for the encouragement and advice. I will look into improving navigation, but I am on a steep learning curve so it may take a while. All the best for the important work you are doing with youth!

  2. Frank, I had never considered a dilemma between following Christ and being a professional evaluator (other than having to abandon my family for weeks at a time). In fact, I see more parallels than conflicts: striving for ‘truth’ and betterment, while trying not to bend to those who want to influence your outcome. I’ll be interested to follow your and others’ insights and experiences.

    1. Peter, I agree completely with the two parallels you describe. The dilemmas arise when we think seriously about the nature of truth and the nature of acceptable evidence. I encourage you to jump into dialogue at any point. Thank you for the helpful comment.

  3. Well done Frank. Wow what a treasure trove of resources. I am so very grateful that you are making your experience and insights available. I will be sharing this with others.
    God’s best in 2014.

  4. Frank, thanks for introducing me to this rich resource; looking forward to learning more from you and your life.

  5. Hello Frank, it is so exciting to know I can now have ready access to such quality evaluation materials. In this era of seemingly impatient and rapid change, it is a special blessing to be able to draw from well-tested content on transformative evaluation and use it to make contributions here in Africa. Blessings to you Frank.

    1. Edward, I am glad you found this site. Please share your experiences with the materials, and let me know how I can improve the site. May many be blessed through you.

  6. Hi Frank,

    I am privileged to connect with you through this site. We might have lost the contact for some years now since I left World Vision, but my passion for Transformative Evaluation has still not dwindled. I now lead the Global Monitoring and Evaluation with Food for the Hungry and continue in the world of Evaluation. I look forward to continue the dialogue, learn and share my experiences.

  7. Hi Frank! I just found this blog and am glad to find another like-minded evaluator. I couldn’t find a copy of your book from a quick search…does WVI still distribute copies, and if so, how can I get one? I’m doing an evaluation project with Compassion Intl and would love to learn more about your Transformative Evaluation approach.

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