Core TE research methodologies

In addition to the content of a basic monitoring and evaluation curriculum I believe that the following research methodology topics should be learned thoroughly by anyone engaged in Transformational Development monitoring and evaluation.

Technical competence needs to be nuanced by insights that come as he or she engages in spiritual disciplines such as Bible study and reflection, prayer, fasting, etc.

  • Field interview techniques for sensitive topics and in different cultures.
  • Participatory approaches to inquiry.
  • Focus group principles and methods. link to focus group guide
  • Ordinal measures and common statistics tests for ordinal measures.
  • Analysis and interpretation of Likert scale results from multiple perspectives.
  • Characteristics of trustworthy qualitative data and procedures to increase trustworthiness.
  • Logic of statistical inference and interpretation of statistical findings. Although statistics is advanced mathematics the logic of inference and interpretation can be understood without necessarily understanding the complex math formulas.

I know this will take time! A good evaluator continually updates his or her knowledge and adds skill sets.

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