What is different about evidence in TE

Typically a program evaluation involves searching for knowledge that we can use to change the world so that it is more like our vision of the good life.  An alternative approach to evaluation involves understanding how a program helps and hinders transformation of individuals and society. To understand transformation we need to seek faith-based knowledge as well as empirical knowledge.

I share two illustrations of how topics in TE can be organized to evaluate a transformational development program.

In the first illustration progress toward project goals is examined in light of four overarching questions to guide the collection and interpretation of evidence. These questions are in the background as the evaluation is designed to examine progress toward project aims, goals and objectives.

The second illustration is a 3×3 matrix for developing specific questions related to the faith context within which the program is being implemented.

This material is on pages 12-16, heading TE topics, in Evaluating Transformational Development Outcomes on this site. I encourage you to comment, perhaps starting a dialogue that will help me and others deepen understanding of the concept of evaluation in general and TE in particular.

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