Evaluation models or approaches

Professional evaluation literature includes much wisdom for the Christian evaluator. I have developed a secular framework for comparing different evaluation approaches described in the literature. Perhaps it will be useful to you as you broaden your knowledge of evaluation approaches. Click this link → Evaluation Model as a Concept

I have identified several approaches that I think are most helpful for a transformative approach to evaluation: responsive evaluation, deliberative democratic evaluation, constructivist evaluation, and utilization focused evaluation.

Note February 2017. Click this link for a detailed description of a TE model, and an evaluation framework for developing a model or analyzing the appropriateness of a model for evaluating ministry programs. Eval Model TE   Click this link for illustrations of topics to include in a framework.


This paper does not discuss Donna Mertens’ work on transformative research and evaluation; I will be posting a number of observations on this work along with observations on David Fetterman’s empowerment evaluation.

Note November 2014: Guba and Lincoln’s book, Fourth Generation Evaluation, provides a solid basis for planning and implementing TE. I wish I had read the book before I retired from leading evaluation teams! I will be posting implications for TE.

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