Frame for a Christian worldview

The Christian approach to any field of knowledge needs to be both critical and constructive: “we must identify and critique the dominant intellectual idols, and then construct biblically based alternatives (Pearcey, 2005, p. 42).” Take heed, Christian evaluators, and take action!

Pearcey describes a frame for building a Christian worldview (Pearcey, 2005, pp. 44-49). The frame is based on three turning points in biblical history plus the way forward. This post introduces the frame that is guiding my development of a theory for transformative evaluation.  Click here →  WorldviewFrame

“All belief systems work the same way. As we saw earlier, whatever a system puts forth as self-existing is essentially what it regards as divine. And that religious commitment functions as the controlling principle for everything that follows. The fear of some ‘god’ is the beginning of every proposed system of knowledge.” (Pearcey, 2005, p. 45)

My Christian worldview differs from Pearcey’s Christian worldview in various ways. But her frame for constructing the worldview to guide my evaluation work  is immensely helpful to me.

Reference: Pearcey, Nancy R. (2004, 2005). Total truth: Liberating Christianity from its cultural captivity. Wheaton, Illinois USA: Crossway Books.

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  1. Right on. I also adopted Pearcey’s 3-fold analysis see through the lenses of creation, fall, redemption, as a framework for analysis. Without wanting to over-complicate the approach, would there be room for a 5th step? After restoration (your 4th step), comes Shalom?

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