Are you called to be an evaluator?

There are times when I feel a deep sense of being called to be a Christian program evaluator. But Oswald Chambers (My Utmost for His Highest, November 10 page 315) brought me up short with this thought: If I say, “God has called me for this and that,” I am putting up a barrier to God using me for God’s purposes.

 As long as you have a personal interest in your own character, or any set ambition, you cannot get through to identification with God’s interest.  You can only get there by losing forever any idea of yourself and by letting God take you right out into His purpose for the world, and because your goings are of the Lord, you can never understand your ways.  I have to learn that the aim in life is God’s, not mine.  God is using me from His great personal standpoint, and all He asks of me is that I trust Him…”

 Almighty God, thank you for the evaluation knowledge and experience you have given me over many years. By your grace I will do something totally different as prompted by the Holy Spirit. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Are you called to be an evaluator?

  1. I know God can, and does, take us into unexpected places. Where I am at today is certainly a place that was unanticipated 10 years ago. Yet, each new place seems intrinsically linked to where I have been. Each past experience builds into a package God uses. I was a carpenter. God used that to help build a house to live in while we did Bible translation work in Nigeria. I was a translator, God used that to place me into evaluation & leadership development for Bible translation. For me, entirely different will only be valid when it is entirely from God. If I jump the rails I am on because I think doing something different is required as a follower of Christ, I could sidetrack his purposes for me to where I am. Just a thought. JEStark

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