Evaluation Bloggers

Evaluation topics are discussed on many websites.  These six sites currently nourish my ongoing learning about program evaluation.

Jane Davidson: http://RealEvaluation.com … Excellent resource for evaluation focused on answering the critical big-picture values questions

Jane Davidson and Patricia Rogers: http://GenuineEvaluation.com … Critical review of all types of evaluation from the perspective of Real and Practical Evaluation

http://BetterEvaluation.org … Excellent international collaboration to improve program evaluation; see Rainbow Framework of seven clusters of evaluation tasks

Jess Dart: http://www.clearhorizon.com.au … Clear Horizon is a group of enthusiastic, passionate, professionals delivering monitoring, evaluation, and planning with a strong focus on participatory approaches and facilitation

Rick Davies: http://mande.co.uk  … Monitoring and evaluation news; Since 1997 the focus of this website is on methods of monitoring and evaluating the progress and outcomes of development aid programs, big and small

John Gargani: http://EvalBlog.com … Provocative discussions on various program design and evaluation topics

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