When we cannot explain

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 Meditate on Job 28: 1-21

Job, the righteous man who suffered greatly as God continued to battle against evil forces in the world, wanted answers to his questions.  His self-evaluation revealed no evidence to support the conclusion that he was being punished for being unfaithful.  But he strongly believed that his evaluation work was not complete until he could provide solid answers to his questions.

 In this passage God’s response to Job was not a set of answers to his questions.  His response itself was a series of questions not to be answered, but to reveal the awesome difference between the Creator and the created.  As Job realized (42:1-6), there are things too wonderful for us to know.  When we encounter mystery in our evaluation work, and we are sure that we have used our tools properly and thoroughly, let us turn away from our need to understand the world and embrace the awesome experience of being in the presence of the world’s Creator.

 Thank you, Lord, for the need to know that leads me to increase my store of knowledge about your Creation.  And thank you, Lord, for showing me the limits on my capacity to know things that lead me to experience awesome wonder.  Amen.

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