The Jesus Way

Eugene Peterson, author of The Message, has written a book, The Jesus Way (Eerdmans, 2007).  He describes the various ways that Jesus lived, and contrasts them with the ways that we in consumption-driven societies live.  It is a provocative book from which we can learn a lot about transformative evaluating.

Following Jesus is a full-time vocation.  [Highlight this statement, underline it, write it on a post-it to put on your mirror, put it in the footer of your evaluation plan, etc.]

I cannot take time out to do an evaluation that is not consistent with the Jesus way, and then go back to following Jesus.  I either do an evaluation while following Jesus, or I don’t follow Jesus.  This means that everything that I do in planning and implementing an evaluation must serve life in the kingdom of God.

What is one example of something you have done in an evaluation that is not consistent with the Jesus way?  Talk with God about it, and listen carefully to what God says to you about repenting.  Receive God’s forgiveness; you will be blessed in the kingdom way.

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