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Confessions of a Workaholic

I had a lot of difficulty writing an evaluation report. Even though I worked long hours, I never felt like I had done enough in the report to justify the long hours spent collecting and analyzing data. In retrospect I realize that from age twelve I have been a studentaholic  or workaholic. Even though I believe that I have become more mature spiritually as I have focused on transformative evaluation, I have been blind to the sin that abounds as a workaholic.

E.M. Houtz has compiled a collection of devotions for the Christian that wants to be whole in the secular workplace (Desktop Devotions, 1989, NavPress). Years ago a Christian friend gave me a copy at Christmas, and it has helped me deal with being a workaholic since then. In the Introduction, titled “Don’t Skip this Introduction,” the author says that the book is about three things: working, being a Christian, and doing both at the same time. The workplace is a mission field. “God’s Word is our road map through the maze of complicated relationships and interactions unique to the workplace. It’s the anchor that keeps us moored to basic values when our priorities start to shift under the pressures of ambition, peer influence, material gain. It’s the prism that refocuses our perspective when issues we thought were black and white suddenly look gray.”

If you are a Christian workaholic, be blessed by Houtz helping you re-examine your road map, anchor and prism. has a list of sellers with new or used copies.