Is TE Legitimate Evaluation?

Transformative Evaluation (TE) is a blend of two perspectives on reality: the Christian perspective and the science perspective. It is difficult for any evaluator to do competent evaluation work on community development from the science perspective. Speaking from professional experience it is qualitatively more than twice as difficult to plan and implement legitimate TE.

I take two approaches to describing legitimate TE. First, there are sets of characteristics that guide the evaluator and stakeholder groups as they craft a particular evaluation.

Second, there are different types of flawed inquiries that are not legitimate evaluation work. Examining a particular inquiry against the features of a legitimate evaluation and the features of flawed inquiries that inappropriately  may be called evaluations should lead to improved TE.

In the coming weeks I will be sharing posts about TE from both approaches. I welcome constructive criticism as well as your own thoughts about what makes any inquiry a legitimate evaluation.

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