Evaluation Books and Papers I Keep Close at Hand

Previously I recommended five non-evaluation  books that help me formulate foundational principles for transformative evaluation.  Click link  I am adding a sixth book to the list: Scientism and Secularism: Learning to Respond to a Dangerous Ideology, by J. P. Moreland. He describes strategies for resolving issues between faith and science, which is essential for a Christian evaluator.

There are two evaluation books that I consider most relevant for transformative evaluators that have a good understanding of the general principles of program evaluation.

Fourth Generation Evaluation, by Egon G. Guba and Yvonne S. Lincoln, is a comprehensive description of constructivist evaluation. This approach, which is an alternative to evaluation approaches that are based on a scientific epistemology, provides the framework for designing and implementing transformative evaluation.

Transformative Research and Evaluation, by Donna M. Mertens, describes evaluation as a means to promote human rights and social justice. This is an important component of transformative evaluation.

The attached file is a list of other evaluation references that are helpful to me. May they be helpful to you on your journey toward being a transformative evaluator.  Click link:  Eval Books 2015

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