Frame for Thinking about TE

The attached file is a detailed description of topics to consider while thinking about Transformative Evaluation. There are four sections in the paper.

The first section describes the nature of a conceptual frame as an outcome of frame reflection by which people explore how their own actions may worsen contention, contribute to stalemate, trigger extreme pendulum swings, or move toward pragmatic solution.  It was developed by Schon and Rein (1994) as a way of resolving intractable policy controversies.  I apply this concept to create a frame for transformational development (TD), which is the primary evaluand for TE. Then I describe a frame for exploring TE information needs.

The second section describes implications of TD theory for evaluation design.

The third section discusses the characteristics of development workers that should be considered in planning TE. Since the effectiveness of TD is dependent on how the development worker interacts with community residents and stakeholders, this is an essential element of TE.

The final section describes some examples of TE frames.

Various aspects of this paper may need to be studied several times before you believe that you understand it. I welcome your comments, suggestions and challenges to the substance, as well as suggestions for presenting the material in a more understandable way.

LINK Frame for TE

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