Improving Your Evaluation Work through Reflective Practice

Reflective practice is thoughtful consideration of one’s own professional actions for the purpose of improving one’s professional practice. It has a long history. Various professions encourage their practitioners to engage in this type of professional development, particularly education and medicine.

The attached paper introduces it to program evaluators. I believe it is an essential practice for transformative evaluators because TE includes perspectives and skills that are not common in program evaluators. Reflective Practice can assist you in identifying obstacles that you encounter as you seek to

  • understand a transformative approach to evaluation at a deeper level
  • become more skilled in devising and applying appropriate behaviors in collecting and analyzing valid information related to transformative outputs and outcomes
  • report results in ways that provoke transformative thinking about improving facilitation of transformational community development.

There are many resources on the Internet. Relatively recent books not included in the paper:

Moon. Jennifer A., 2005, Reflection in Learning and Professional Development: theory and practice, London: Kogan

Bolton, Gillie E J, 2010, Reflective Practice: Writing and Professional Development, Sage Publications

Thompson, Sue and Neil Thompson, 2008, The Critically Reflective Practitioner, Palgrave Macmillan

Click link to the paper: 66Reflective Practice

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