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Indicator Elaboration Worksheet

An indicator elaboration worksheet has three main functions.

  1. Filling out the sheet helps planners to define properly the indicator and relate it to relevant development hypotheses or the theory of change underpinning the project.
  2. The precise description reveals the specific information that is required and the means for collecting and processing it. This allows the feasibility of using the indicator to be determined in terms of time, money and expertise required.
  3. Other people can understand the indicator and use it in other settings and at other times in ways that allow the readings to be comparable.

The attached file is such a worksheet. Comments and suggestions welcome.

LINK → Indicator Elaboration

Focus Group Guidelines

The purpose of a focus group in an evaluation is to determine perceptions, feelings and ways of thinking about various aspects of the evaluand. Unfortunately this important method for collecting data appears to be relatively easy to use. As a consequence the required rigor for preparing the data collectors, selecting participants and implementing the group discussion may not be employed. This will reduce substantially the value of data collected.

The attached file is a set of guidelines for using this important method more rigorously. Comments and suggestions welcome.

LINK → Focus Group Guidelines


Template…Evaluation Planning Workbook

After I have accepted an invitation to lead an evaluation team I prepare a three-ring binder with tabs for the topics shown in the attached template. Relevant information can come in many different forms; the binder is a convenient way of storing and organizing it. This workbook becomes a primary resource for keeping the evaluation focused and  identifying strengths and weaknesses of the exercise.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome!  Click link → 75Eval Planning Workbook

Christian First Practitioner Second (2)

I had the privilege of talking about being Christian first and science practitioner second at the winter conference of the Southern California chapter of the American Scientific Affiliation on February 7 2015.

Here are the links to the materials that I prepared for the presentation.

Presentation Paper → Christian First Practitioner Second

Presentation Slides → Christian First Practitioner Second slides

List of worldview books and internet sites → worldview reading

Comments welcome!