Transformative Evaluation Overview–6 Slide Shows

This post contains links to six brief slide shows that provide orientation to the distinctive features of Transformative Evaluation. The shows are in PDF format.

94orientation1 TE overview…Brief description of each critical feature. Includes a group exercise to see if people in an agency want to explore implications for the agency.

94orientation2 core belief…Description of the core belief that justifies TE as an approach to¬†evaluation for a Christian agency.

94orientation3 TE theory of program change…Description of the theory of change in individuals and institutions for transformation development, which is the primary evaluand for TE.

94orientation4 TE overview…Description of three critical features of objectivity in TE. There is a more detailed description of objectivity at objectivity-in-te.

94Orientation5 Mission Results in TE…Description of mission results that can be achieved through TE.

Orientation6 Spiritual Disciplines in TE…Description of use of spiritual disciplines in TE.

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