Accord Network: Principles of Community Development That Can Create Opportunities for Transformation (TD)

In 1978 twelve agencies formed a network based on this vision: “all Christian relief and development professionals and agencies base their initiatives on biblical principles and work to re-engage the Church in holistic ministry among the poor and needy.” The network incorporated in 1978 as AERDO (The Association of Evangelical Relief and Development Organizations). In 2010, the membership of 75 agencies voted to change the name to Accord Network.

“At Accord Network we create a community where Christ-centered organizations, churches, and individuals leverage their combined learning to achieve the best in relief and development.

We help our members reach their full potential by operating in community—sharing knowledge, skills, and support with one another. Our members are not limited to their own learning curve—they have ready access to the collective knowledge of 75 organizations that collectively leverage over $4 billion of resources annually.

  • We create standards for high-quality work
  • We learn from each other
  • We advocate in Washington DC for effective development”


Accord Network has adopted eight principles of excellence in integral mission. Visit their website for more detail. As an exercise, propose indicators or rubrics for monitoring program planning and implementation against these eight principles.

  1. Our Christian faith is at the center of our identity, motive and manner of being.
  2. We acknowledge the reality and significance of the spiritual realm.
  3. The Church is central.
  4. Transformational practices start with us.
  5. We recognize the whole system of poverty.
  6. In our relationship journey with the church, our local partners, and the community, we enter as guests, co-labor as partners, and continue as friends.
  7. We support local communities and churches in measuring all that matters.
  8. We tell the story with integrity.

May reflection on these principles strengthen your ability to facilitate transformation through your ministry.

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