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I did my first evaluation work in 1965 while a graduate student studying educational research design. My perspective was thoroughly quantitative.

Before finishing my dissertation I immersed myself in church renewal and social transformation. Ten years later I returned to graduate school at a different institution to study community education and community development, receiving the Ed.D. in 1980.  In 1985 I joined the evaluation department at World Vision International, a Christian humanitarian NGO that does emergency relief, child advocacy and long-term development work in many countries. I soon discovered that qualitative evaluation approaches were more relevant for evaluating community development programs.

As colleagues challenged me to include issues related to spiritual development in the evaluation designs I began to develop the theory of transformative evaluation. A number of posts on this site are the results of prayerful study and reflection during evaluation engagements.

Blessings, Frank

September 19, 2013

One thought on “About me

  1. Thanks Frank, what a great resource! It is well organized and easy to navigate. Probably you need to think about writing and publishing a book on transformative evaluation. I am sure to keep visiting the site from time to time. God’s blessings on the endeavor. Jai

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