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Research Design, Evaluation Design

The purpose of this post is to introduce the concept of research design and evaluation design to people with little or no research training or experience. There are many types of evaluation designs, but two types are key to planning impact evaluation: experimental designs and quasi-experimental designs. The characteristics of each type are described.

LINK… Research design intro

Click on this link for an outline for an evaluation design document…http://evalfrank.com/2017/10/outline-evaluation-design-document/

Impact Evaluation

A transformative evaluator must understand the nature of impact evaluation very well. The fundamentals of impact evaluation should be applied to transformational development programs when assessment of evaluation feasibility justifies the cost.

The transformative evaluator must also understand technical and ethical limitations of impact evaluation applied to TD programs. Go to page 8 in Evaluating Transformational Development Outcomes for some thoughts about this.

Future posts will examine impact evaluation in more detail along with possible alternative approaches that may be more illuminating. Your comments about points to explore are welcome.

Evaluating Transformational Development Outcomes

The attached file is an overview of my approach to Transformative Evaluation (TE) as it has evolved in the past 15 years. The 28 pages are the foundation for posts on this site. The major sections:

  • My understanding of transformational development
  • Evolution of the definition of TE
  • Illustrations of content that may be examined in an evaluation
  • Implications for implementing this approach

May those of you who choose to dive in be provoked to see yourself as a Christian that does program evaluation in professional ways to bring glory to God rather than an evaluator that happens to be Christian.

Blessings, Frank

Click link: Evaluating Transformational Development Outcomes