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Ten Seed Technique (TST)

The ten seed technique is a participatory monitoring and evaluation tool that documents a group’s perceptions about a wide range of topics and issues. The attached file describes and illustrates the technique. Click the link → Ten Seed Technique

Search the site using keyword “ten seed” to see examples of TE indicators based on TST.

Review the post on evaluating TD outcomes to keep in mind the essential characteristics of TE.  Click the link → TE

Indicator Elaboration Worksheet

An indicator elaboration worksheet has three main functions.

  1. Filling out the sheet helps planners to define properly the indicator and relate it to relevant development hypotheses or the theory of change underpinning the project.
  2. The precise description reveals the specific information that is required and the means for collecting and processing it. This allows the feasibility of using the indicator to be determined in terms of time, money and expertise required.
  3. Other people can understand the indicator and use it in other settings and at other times in ways that allow the readings to be comparable.

The attached file is such a worksheet. Comments and suggestions welcome.

LINK → Indicator Elaboration